Professor of Management
Board of Visitors Term Chair Professor of Management
Senior Associate Dean, Full-Time MBA and FEMBA, UCLA Anderson

Most of us would assume that a mathematics test would provide a straightforward assessment of a student’s ability and achievement. But Professor of Management Margaret Shih discovered something interesting in her research. If a group of Asian American women is reminded that women are not very good at math, their performance on a test is worse. But if the same group is reminded that Asian Americans have a knack for math, their performance is better. In each case, a stereotype appears to affect students’ ability to perform, regardless of how well they know the material.

Prof. Shih is a social psychologist whose research focuses on the effects of diversity in organizations, especially social identity and the psychological effects of stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and stigma.

Research Focus

Social identity and the psychological effects of stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and stigma in organizations.


Ph.D. in Social Psychology, Harvard University
M.A. in Social Psychology, Harvard University
B.A. in Psychology, with honors, Stanford University
Joined UCLA faculty in 2007

Selected Publications

  • Shih, M., D.A. Wout, and M. Hambarchyan. “Predicting Performance Outcomes From the Manner of Stereotype Activation and Stereotype Content” in Asian American Journal of Psychology. Asian American Psychological Association. 2015.
  • Shih, Margaret, and Maia J. Young. “Identity Management Strategies in Workplaces With Color-Blind Diversity Policies” in The Myth of Racial Color Blindness: Manifestations, Dynamics, and Impact. Neville, Helen A., Miguel E. Gallardo, and Derald Wing Sue, eds. American Psychological Association. 2015.

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My work looks at stereotypes from the target's perspective, looking at what people do when they find themselves in the position where they feel like they're being stereotyped.