On December 16, 2017, join Chancellor Gene Block for a week in the capital for UCLA’s third annual Campus Climate Impact Summit. A select group of student leaders will have the opportunity to engage in crucial dialogue on social, cultural, economic and political issues with staff from the White House, Congress, and other leadership bodies. Students will discuss contemporary issues related to equity, access, diversity and social justice—ultimately spreading their unique insights throughout the UCLA campus. For those selected to join, all expenses will be covered by the VCSA office in partnership with UCLA Government & Community Relations.


10/15/17—All applications due at 11:59 PM
10/27/17—Decision notifications sent via email
11/03/17—Mandatory pre-trip discussion session 1
11/17/17—Mandatory pre-trip discussion session 2
12/01/17—Mandatory pre-trip discussion session 3
12/16/17 to 12/21/17—Summit in Washington, D.C.

Send all inquiries to zchhabra@saonet.ucla.edu.